Thursday, August 14, 2008

broken again

I've been having some robbery related dreams lately, haven't I?

Anyway, to get down to it, I actually woke up expecting to find my apartment in a mess and all trashed up with things strewn everywhere and literally looked like it was robbed overnight. In last night's dream, it started out with my brother walking in the front door telling me that Shauna's, whom I have no idea who that is, apartment in the same building was just robbed. So we did what any normal minded person would do and locked our doors. Then several minutes later, our door was being forcefully broken into and before I know it, a group of maybe four to five guys came storming into the apartment brandishing knives and ordering us to have our hands up and don't move.

They started ransacking the place and grabbing any valuable thing that wasn't tied down. We were both too shocked for words to even react or speak. They went on their business for a good five to ten minutes and immediately left when they got their fill. We were still in a state of shock but as we slowly picked up the pieces, we recovered. Most of my valuables were gone, my wardrobe was turned upside down, my bags were turned inside out and my room looked like a tornado came and went in seconds.

The details of the aftermath is kind of sketchy but I recall us having to cook somewhere else in the common kitchen apparently, because we couldn't use ours for some reason. When we got back to our apartment, the same robbers were back there again, for more. They decided to make some stupid banter with us and demanded that they show us where our real valuable stuff was. After this, the dream just became a muddle and I woke.

Oh, God. I really hope I don't have another one like that ever again. It's too surreal and doesn't do anything for my security of being here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

attack of the killer dream

Let me get right into it. I know it's been too long since my last post of any dream related thing so here's one now.

I dreamed that my previous abode back home was being invaded by some sort of pro-government cult or terrorists group who thought that my family and I were the terrorists actually. So they decided to attack our home one night and took all our things and destroyed the house basically. The group arrived in waves and droves to the house, first with the leader saying that we were being arrested but with no probable cause or reason for the arrest of course.

Then, the whole group seem to have come out to get us as they then trashed our cars, walls, furniture, and took everything that weren't battened down. It was more like a seige and we were the innocent victims being raided for whatever reason.

Then, I remembered that I saw a friend in the middle of all this and ran up to him and started screaming hysterically and ask why are you doing this and swearing at him. He said something like it was for the greater good or something like that. I seemed like a mad woman.

Anyway, the group continued tearing down our house and beating us up as well. After that I can't remember much anymore except that I was more angry than frightened the entire time.

Friday, November 16, 2007

sexy back

Okay. Imagine this scene.

You're talking casually with your younger brother (or sister or any other relations if this doesn't apply to you) about whatever that's been going on that day. Then, the topic switches to attending any recent concerts or shows lately. He starts telling you about thinking about going to one but don't know if he can or not because he hasn't gotten any money or something like that.

Then he suddenly realizes that he can go for one even though he doesn't really like the singer but he'll go anyway. He rings someone up and then a second later, Justin Timberlake appears at our door. The brother starts to talk casually with him like an old friend and you're awestruck by Justin Timberlake's presence there. (let's assume for continuity and easiness sake that you are a fan of Justin) Justin rambles on about having to do something around the area or something and that your brother was just calling him up with a favour that is getting choice front row seats at his concert on that very night in the very same city that you and your brother are at.

Amazing coincidences aren't they? They don't come as awesome as that anymore.

So to continue, Justin and the brother shake hands, say their goodbyes and Justin gives a slight acknowledgment of you standing agape at him and he's gone. Gone as quick and sleek as the slippery shiny singer dude he is.

And with that, the scene is cut and over. How's that for a dream eh? I wouldn't mind those JT concert tickets but seeing as there's about a few thousand kilometres between me and my younger brother, not to mention the sea, I don't see how he could teleport himself here to be ready for the show.